Publishing a Winner to Your Entry Form

Once one of your giveaways has ended and you’ve chosen a winner, you’ll of course want to let entrants know who the winner was. Well now you can use one of our newest features to quickly and easily publish a winner to your entry forms once a giveaway has expired.

With the new feature, you have the option of creating custom text which will show up on your entry form. For example, you may just want to say “Congratulations to the winner of our giveaway!” Or you can personalize your message further in any way you desire. The text that you type into the ‘Customize your entry form message’ will appear in the expired giveaway’s entry form exactly as you’ve typed it and as it looks in the preview on the right side of the screen.

Then all you have to do is click on the “Publish Winner’s Information” button. Everyone can then see who the lucky winner of your giveaway was, and hopefully be encouraged by the fact that real, live winners, just like themselves, have been lucky enough to succeed.

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