Use templates to publish your Congratulations messages

After your giveaway has ended PromoSimple will send you a reminder email and you can login to randomly select your winner(s). You then have the opportunity to publish a congratulations message within the expired entry form. This area can also be used a marketing tool for anyone who visits your giveaway page in the future. We’ve made publishing these messages easier than ever with our new template features.

Publish a congratulations message

Once your winner has been selected click on the ‘Publish Winner’ button in the upper right corner of the screen. This will take you to the ‘Publish Winners‘ page where you can completely customize the content that is shown within the entry form of your giveaway that has ended. You can enter a custom message (including HTML and images) into the text field. Clicking on ‘Update Message’ will save your text to the entry form and it will immediately appear in both the preview and in your live (expired) entry form.

Use default templates

Templates are designed to make it as easy as possible to publish the content that you want to display and prevent you from needing to retype the same message every time that a campaign ends. There are two templates pre-created in this section (Default – Winner and Default – Winners). Once your winner was selected one of these templates will automatically show in the entry form. The format is very simple (Congratulations to the Winner) with the winner’s first name displayed below.

Create a custom template

When you add new text into the form field you can save it as a new template by clicking on Save Template. This allows you to re-use that same template in the future. You can also opt to set a single template as the default. If you change the default template, in the future when you select a winner this template will immediately be used in the live entry form.

Modify an existing template

To change a template that you’ve created, use the dropdown to select your template. This will then show in the entry form and in the text box. You can make any changes that you’d like and then click on ‘Update Template’. This will save the changes that you’ve made so that the next time you select this template it will display your most recent content.

Display winner information

Before publicly publishing any information, be sure that your official rules allow you to publish information about your winner. You are able to display any of the information about your winner that you collected in the giveaway entry form (First name, Last name or initial, Country, etc.). Just check the box of the data to display and the form will automatically include this information. You can also select whether to include this data above or below the custom content that you’ve entered into the entry form message field.

Add winner information to templates

When saving a template, any of the fields that are selected for winner data will always be included when that template is used to update the entry form. If a field is selected but that data was not collected it will simply be omitted from the text in the entry form. (For instance, you did not ask for Last Name in the giveaway but Last Name is selected for the congratulations message that data will just not be shown because it is not available).

Design creative templates

Because you can add images and HTML to your winner templates and on a one-off basis, you can get as creative as you’d like with links to your other giveaways or add in promotional messages about other content that visitors to your website may be interested in. Check out more tips about using expired giveaways as marketing tools.


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