How to restrict entry by location

Restricting entrants by location

For PRO accounts, when locations are selected for the campaign these will be the only locations displayed within the Country and State fields within the entry form. For instance, if only United States is selected as a country and Florida and New York are excluded from the campaign, the entry form’s country dropdown will contain only United States and the State dropdown will not include Florida or New York. This ensures that entrants who are not located in the eligible locations cannot enter the campaign.

Selecting geographical requirements

By default campaigns are set to allow residents of the United States and Canada to be eligible to enter the promotion. To update this click on the country dropdown menu and select those countries which are allowed to enter the promotion. If the United States is selected as an option all 50 states and the District of Columbia are selected. You can uncheck any of these options to exclude them from the promotion.

This feature is available for Blog, Business and Brands & Agencies accounts.


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