Customize the content of your Facebook tab

When you add a promotion to a tab on your Facebook page you have the option to customize the full content around your entry form. Add images, content, links and any other HTML elements that you would like to provide your users with an experience consistent with your brand. This option is available for Business and Brands & Agencies accounts.


Within Step 4. Customize of the Campaign Builder, you can click on the Web Page tab to design the content that will be shown within your Facebook Tab. You have the option of creating a page using our WYSIWYG design editor and/or modifying the HTML of the page on your own.

You can also create simple designs by clicking on the Facebook Tab and choosing the 'Basic Facebook Design' option. This allows you to add HTML above and below your entry form directly within the content on Facebook.

After you’ve updated and saved the content of this hosted page, on Step 5. Publish you can ‘Add your entry form to Facebook pages‘. Done! Your new design will immediately begin appearing as the content with the tab on your Facebook page.


View our videos on YouTube to see how to Design a Facebook Page Tab and Add to Facebook Pages


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