Automatic Facebook like validation

Due to changes in Facebook's policies, users can no longer be required to 'Like' a Facebook Page in order to enter a promotion. Learn more about encouraging Facebook 'Likes' on our blog.


When you add a giveaway entry form to a tab within your Facebook page you have the ability to require users to ‘Like’ the page before they can access the content. Now you can add this validation process to entry forms that are hosted outside of Facebook, whether on your website, blog or anywhere else.

What is Automatic Validation for Facebook ‘Likes’?
This feature utilizes a Facebook Application that verifies that an entrant ‘Likes’ a specific Facebook page before they are able to submit and get credit for a Facebook ‘Like’ entry within a giveaway. The Application also retrieves the entrant’s Facebook username and adds this to your campaign reports; this makes it easier for entrants to complete a Facebook ‘Like’ entry as they do not need to type in their Facebook name each time.

Is the setup for Automatic Validation complicated?
Nope! By default, when creating a campaign and adding a Facebook ‘Like’ entry the option for Automatic Validation is selected. Simply complete the URL for your Facebook page and click ‘Save’.

How do entrants authorize the application?
The first time an entrant sees a campaign with Automatic Validation they will see a ‘Login with Facebook’ button. Clicking on this will give them the option to authorize PromoSimple’s Promotions Application. Once they have authorized this app they will not be asked to authorize it again regardless of how many Facebook ‘Like’ entries are included in the giveaway’s entry form. It will also remember them the next time they see one of your giveaways as long as they are logged into Facebook at the time.

How do users enter Facebook ‘Like’ entries after authorizing the app?
Once a user has authorized the application, if they already ‘Like’ a Facebook page that is included as an entry in the giveaway they are automatically given credit for that entry without taking any action. Easy! If they do not yet ‘Like’ the page they can use the ‘Like’ button in the entry form; once they ‘Like’ the page they will be given credit for that entry.

What’s the difference between Automatic Validation & Manual Input?
Facebook Like setupThere is still the option to setup a Facebook ‘Like’ entry without using Automatic Validation. That setup will require the entrant to type in their Facebook name for each Facebook ‘Like’ entry. The admin will also need to go to Facebook to confirm that the user has ‘Liked’ the page.

Facebook ‘Likes’ that use validation will recognize whether or not the entrant already ‘Likes’ the page. If they do not yet ‘Like’ the page they can click on the ‘Like’ button in the entry form. If they already ‘Like’ the page they do not need to take any action. When viewing Bonus entries if the entrant has already authorized the Facebook Application this will also be recognized; if the entrant already ‘Likes’ any Facebook page that is included in a Bonus entry this entry will automatically be marked ‘Confirmed’ without the entrant needing to take any action.

Reporting for the Automatic Validation
Reports for entries that use the automatic validation are setup the same way as those that do not validate entries for you. The difference is that users no longer enter their Facebook name, this is retrieved via the Facebook App and recorded in your reports without any action needed from the entrant. This automated process makes it easier for entrants to complete the entry and removes the chance for typos or mistakes when entrants are typing their Facebook username.


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