Adding a giveaway to Blogger

Copy your campaign code
When you are logged into your PromoSimple account and have created a new campaign, the final tab within the campaign builder is labeled ‘Publish’. Within the Publish section click on the Publish Campaign button. For your Blogger blog, click on the icon to copy the embed code to your clipboard or highlight the text and copy it.

Paste your campaign code into Blogger
Log into your Blogger admin and click to add a new Post or Page where you would like to host your giveaway. Choose the HTML tab from the top right of the post input area (the entry form will not display if you enter the code using the Compose input type). Paste your Embed code into this area.

Publish your Blogger blog post or page
You should be able to preview the entry form using the Preview functionality within Blogger. Click on Publish to set your entry form live within the blog post. That’s it! You can add additional text above or below the entry form as well.


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